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Loire Valley / Sancerre and Vouvray vineyards
The first vines were planted in the Loire region in the first century, back in the Roman times. After the Roman Empire collapsed in the 7th century, bishops and monks carried on developing the vineyards for several centuries. In the Middle Ages, Loire Valley wines were famous in England’s court and among French upper classes. Deemed as the “French Garden”, there are today several marvellous Châteaux all along the Loire River, which are beautiful venues for tourists.


Sicily is located in the southernmost region of Italy, and constitutes the biggest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Through the last decades, wine enthusiasts have experienced huge changes in style and quality when it comes to Sicilian wines. Formerly known for its sweet Muscats, then for its famous fortified Marsala, one can appreciate today good value Terre Siciliane IGT and delicious DOC wines.