Orpheus & The Raven Conspiracy Of Ravens Le Béton Pinot Noir 2021


Region: Western Cape

Tasting note:

The Orpheus & The Raven Conspiracy of Ravens 2021 is pale ruby, with the intensity of the colour bestowing this vivid, bejewelled quality to the wine. Laden with the berry richness of blueberry, black currant, and wild cherry, it reveals more spicy layers of rhubarb and Scheswan pepper as it evolves in the glass, etched with aromatic notes of violets and lavender. Freshly tilled earth and dried porcini add a vivid savoury tone. The wine coats every crevice in your mouth with its porcelain tannin and tart acidity. There is purity with an ethereally sweet and sour balance coiled around a mineral centre. Elegant and surefooted, conspiring to become much, much more.

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