The High Road Classique 2017


Region:  Stellenbosch

Tasting Notes:

On the nose the fruit is forward, showing ripe black- and mulberry fruit. Along with the wood nuances there are also hints of subtle mocha and spice. The wood is not overpowering but brings a balance to the wine and is well integrated with the fruit. The wine on the nose shows a fruit driven entry with a rich seriousness about the experience to follow. The fruit is almost over expectantly powerful with a wonderful layered effect. Palate: The palate delivers a rich soft full fruit driven entry. The black cherries, blackberries and mulberries are forward on the palate with a long lingering middle palate. The fruit is open and easily tasted. The tannins are subtle, soft and full allowing one to be able to drink the wine now yet, age well with the correct cellaring. The balance between the acid, tannin and alcohol is the reason why it has the structure resulting in a long lingering after taste made up of fruit at the end and the careful ripe soft tannin in the mid palate. This wine is able to be enjoyed on its own or with one’s favourite dish. This is a wonderful wine and will only become more exciting as it ages. The balance of the blended varieties are really expressing themselves now with more to come.


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