Van Loggerenberg Wines Break a Leg Blanc de Noir 2021


As the name suggests, Lukas had to undergo two big knee surgeries in our first harvest season as is shown by the leg in a brace on the label and the silhouette of the man plotting his next move. With the help of great friends and family it all came together in the end and this wine is a celebration of hard times that you have to overcome and to never give up. In the same way one wishes a performer to “break a leg”, the name celebrates all the hard work we put in to achieve our goals. The protea on the stamp emphasises our South African heritage while the tortoise symbolises the speed at which Lukas was able to work during that first harvest. The donkey is a tongue-in-cheek reminder of how stubborn Lukas was in not compromising on doing any of the work himself despite not being as
mobile as he would have liked.


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